Can Kate believe him?

NR_2400_1600Some things others have said about Night Running.

‘So much about an author’s communicative skills can be assessed by reading the opening paragraph of a novel: is the author able to secure our attention and engage our need to discover the meaning of those opening lines/ In Nick’s case the answer is an emphatic Yes: “One day in November, when a few snow flakes had settled on the ground, and the air temperature had fallen to two degrees below freezing point, a man wearing a black canvas jacket, with a black scarf wrapped tight around his face, took a step from the shadows and watched the flames engulf the child’s bedroom. For several seconds they licked around the windowsill then shot upwards, making silhouettes, dancing against the dark night sky. Soon, the top of the house became engulfed in a fireball. He knew nobody would survive, and pulled the collar of his jacket up around his neck, turned, and started to run back through the dense woods. The snow had begun to thicken, but he didn’t notice, his mind full of what he’d achieved and what he still had to do. He ran fast, dodging and twisting to avoid trees and bushes. Twigs and bracken snapped loud beneath his pounding feet. The wail from the sirens from the emergency services’ vehicles deafened him, telling him they were near. He started to sprint…”’ Amazon reviewer.


‘Children die in fires up and down the country – wherever Mark is. He knows he is in the frame. Can Kate believe him?’ Amazon reviewer.


‘Wow! This book hooks you from page one! Nick Wastnage wastes no time in jumping into the action!’ Amazon reviewer. Amazon reviewer.


‘I think some of the aspects in the novel push a bit hard at the heartstrings, just pushing the couple farther and farther into the depths of sadness, but maybe the deep despair is what makes the ending even better and more worthwhile.’ Amazon reviewer.

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Grief drives them together


When tragedy strikes and Mark’s house burns to the ground, killing his partner’s five-year-old son in the blaze, she blames him – he’d left the boy alone in the house – and they split up.

The night Kate’s five-year-old daughter dies of cancer and she’s racked with grief, her callous husband demands to have sex with her. Kate hurls a picture at him – causing a bloodied gash on his forehead – and flees.

Later, Mark and Kate meet and find comfort in talking about their tragic pasts. They fall in love, and Kate becomes pregnant.

But there’s a psychopathic child murderer at large who sets houses on fire. The hunt for him threatens Kate and Mark’s newfound happiness and threatens the life of Kate’s surviving daughter.

They both grieve

Kate and Mark – thrown together by their tragic pasts – fall in love, and Kate finds she’s expecting their baby. Dark clouds gather over their relationship when the police hunt for a psychopathic child-killer and arsonist comes close to them. Kate starts to worry about Mark’s night running and suspects him of taking drugs. When Kate’s baby is born, her joy is short-lived. Shocking news tears her emotions apart and threatens the life of her daughter.